Active Projects

CYBERSecurity SciEntific Competences and Innovation Potential (CybersSeCIP)

Project led by PORTIC, to further strength the scientific competences and innovation potential of the North region, to tackle the cybersecurity challenge, through investment in a small set of enabling technologies and knowledge, in a coherent program organized in two research lines: one related to the design and protection of secure digital systems, and a second centered on data security and privacy.
Partners: PORTIC/P.PORTO (coordinator), ISEP, IPB, IPCA, IPVC
Overall budget: 1 166 146 €
PORTIC budget: 818 077 €

Research, Development and Demonstration of Advanced Solutions for Railway (FERROVIA 4.0)

The overall objective of the project is to develop different components, tools and systems, to be tested on rolling stock and real infrastructures, which are oriented towards the economic and ecological sustainability of the railway system, to reduce operating and maintenance costs; for reliable information systems to support decision-making in asset management and for the creation of security systems capable of monitoring the infrastructure and triggering alerts and protection / intervention measures. It is also the ambition of the project to ensure that cybersecurity technologies and methodologies are incorporated into the structure of information and communication technologies of the railway system, in order to avoid unwanted intrusions.
Partners: EFACEC (coordinator), PFP, Evoleo, ISQ, IP, NomadTech, AlmaDesign, PORTIC/P.PORTO and others
Overall budget: 869 355 385 €
PORTIC budget: 37 481 €

Bio-based and digital strategies to improve well-being and promote green health (GreenHealth)

The GreenHealth project is focused on digital and biological technologies and their interaction with human health, environmental sustainability and territory-based assets economic development. This multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach will enable the design and implementation of a long-term, human-centred strategy focused on the (eco)sustainability of the Norte Region.
Partners: IPB (coordinator), PORTIC/P.PORTO, IPCA, IPVC
Overall budget: 1 630 138 €
PORTIC budget: 118 966 €

Artificial Artificial Intelligence for Personalized Lifelong Health Care (SmartHealth)

SmartHealth intends to create new efficient and intelligent technologies to support different stages of the medical treatment, namely the prevention, diagnosis, surgical treatment, rehabilitation and patient follow-up.
Partners: IPCA (coordinator), PORTIC/P.PORTO, ISEP, IPB, IPVC
Overall budget: 1 610 812 €
PORTIC budget: 238 458 €

Technology, Environment, Creativity and Health (TECH)

Using digitally-based technologies, TECH addresses prevention and promotion of population health and well-being, new technologies for agriculture and food production processes, and (e-) governance and integrated environmental policy.
Partners: IPVC (coordinator), PORTIC/P.PORTO, IPB, IPCA
Overall budget: 1 619 239 €
PORTIC budget: 267 931 €

Future pharmacy as a plug-and-play ecosystem (ForPharmacy)

ForPharmacy project will research and develop telepharmacy solutions, with the application of information and communication technologies (ICTs), with particular attention to those in direct connection to health, pharmacovigilance, therapeutic adhesion, drug-supplement interactions and social care services that will be radically different to the conventional pharmaceutical services already available. This will allow to identify new areas in which telepharmacy could increase availability of health services and overcome unsolved limitations of telepharmacy practice.
Partners: Glintt Helthcare Solutions (coordinator), PORTIC/P.PORTO, ISEP, P.Leiria and HES-SO Valais-Wallis
Overall budget: 1 113 049 €
PORTIC budget: 201 687 €

Integrated Care for Next Generation (iCare4NextG)

The current and traditional business model in ehealth is mainly based on technological lock-in effects. An open ehealth service framework and development platform would provide opportunities to break up the lock-in effect,and give more companies the possibilities to compete and innovate. The project will enable the development of business opportunities in two dimensions, an open service framework, with a technical platform, and a number of user applications that could be operational in healthcare/wellness situations.
Partners: Turkcell Technology (coordinator), Agartee Technology, Budapest Univ Technology & Economics, Medron, Glintt Healthcare Solutions (National Coordinator), PORTIC/P.PORTO, ISEP, and others
Overall budget: 3 421 790 €
PORTIC budget: 148 000 €

Mental Wellbeing Management and Productivity Boosting in the Workplace (Mad@Work)

Mad@Work is an ITEA project that aims at major breakthrough in development of software intense applications that combine multiple heterogeneous environmental and/ or wearable data sources into actionable information for improving employees' wellbeing, engagement and performance. Mad@Work project will develop truly unobtrusive, privacy-safe, appealing solutions, smoothly integrated into work environment and appropriate for long-term use in diverse real life settings.
Partners: VTT (coordinator), Tieto, Helvar, Nixu, Hi-Iberia, PORTIC/P.PORTO (National Coordinator), Glintt, Ageas, HealthyRoad, ISEP, and others
Overall budget: 9 972 000 €
PORTIC budget: 108 000 €

Safe Health Elderly Monitoring (SAFHE)

This project aims to develop a wearable device, with several biological sensors, clinically relevant and user-friendly, combined with an environment control station that through artificial intelligence (AI) based on machine learning techniques enables the remote detection of signs of pathologic conditions, as well the remoting monitoring of the elderly from their home or nursing home.
Partners: PLUX Wireless Biosignals S.A. (coordinator), PORTIC/P.PORTO, IPCA and Turku University of Applied Sciences
Overall budget: 675 955 €
PORTIC budget: 237 374 €

Prevention and Sustainable Optimization of the Diagnosis of COVID-19 on a Large Scale (IPP4COVID)

IPP4COVID aims to contribute in an innovative and sustainable way to the improvement of various technologies in the different stages of the diagnostic process workflow, and to allow an increase in the response to COVID-19 screening and diagnosis in a collaborative perspective with public health care providers. and in solidarity with the populations.
Overall budget: 345 071 €
PORTIC budget: 345 071 €


RegionARTS is a project co-financed by Interreg Europe - a European territorial cooperation programme conceived to support local and regional authorities in implementing more integrated and sustainable policies. The goal is to influence and improve regional policy instruments in order to favour collaborations among creative talents, artists and the ICT field, which should stimulate innovation processes and enhance the competitiveness of SMEs.
Partners: PORTIC/P.PORTO (coordinator), ARTER, Baltan Laboratories, KEPA, ULapland, Koprivnički poduzetnik, Regione Molise, SERN
Overall budget: 1 635 670 €
PORTIC budget: 400 900 €

Universities of the Future (UoF)

The University of the Future project is an Erasmus+ KA, and addresses the gap between industries and higher education by developing new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and re-qualifying current workers. The University of the Future aims to stimulate entrepreneurship and digital skills of the teaching staff of higher education and the staff of the various companies facilitating the exchange, flow and co-creation of knowledge.
Partners: PORTIC/P.PORTO (coordinator), IKEA, ANI, Aalto, Consair, TEK and others
Overall budget: 967 010 €
PORTIC budget: 152 925 €

Finished Projects SARS-CoV-2 Molecular Diagnosis: Feira / Arouca (IPP4AFA)

In the IPP4AFA project PORTIC provides support to the peripheral populations of greater Porto, working with a substantial number of primary health care professionals, allowing the laboratory test to be carried out in a more personalized and direct way to the user.
Partners: PORTIC/P.PORTO (coordinator), FMUP, ACES Feira Arounca
Overall budget: 30 000 €
PORTIC budget: 30 000 €

SARS-CoV-2 Molecular Diagnosis: Vale do Sousa Sul (IPP4AVSS)

In the IPP4AVSS project PORTIC provides support to the peripheral populations of greater Porto, working with a substantial number of primary health care professionals, allowing the laboratory test to be carried out in a more personalized and direct way to the user.
Partners: PORTIC/P.PORTO (coordinator), FMUP, ACES Vale Sousa Sul
Overall budget: 30 000 €
PORTIC budget: 30 000 €

Hyperinflammation and immunological profile of patients with COVID-19 Vila Gaia / Espinho (iHIPI)

iHIPI aims to understand the mechanisms of the patient’s immunity with COVID-19 and describe the potential associations between the immunological profile and clinical data, in order to stratify the risk, to act preventively and to avoid fatal outcomes.
Partners: FMUP (coordinator), PORTIC/P.PORTO, Centro Hospitalar Vila Gaia/Espinho
Overall budget: 40 000 €
PORTIC budget: 15 000 €